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Genuine care is all that we embody

Our Focus

Care is always our main focus but we are also equally focussed on building our company as a whole.

We are looking to acquire new opportunities to expand our reach across New Zealand and provide exceptional care throughout all areas.

We have a constant view to develop and improve what care works best for the elderly.

Our Expertise

Our expertise engenders confidence and trust.

With decades of experience in this key industry we are able to offer and provide a knowledge base that allows us to move quickly on what matters most, our quality of care.

We always look to keep our knowledge current and ensure we keep our knowledge up to date.

We aspire to take on the best innovations for the future.

Our Reach

At the moment we have seven care homes and six retirement villages in areas such as Auckland, Dunedin and Gisborne.

We plan to expand further and extend our reach so that we can provide services in many parts of New Zealand and becoming part of their communities, supporting the local elderly wherever we are.

Care you can trust and believe in


We are privileged to care for extraordinary people.

People who are cherished and loved, who have achieved, nurtured and inspired, and who can continue to achieve amazing things in their lives.

We see the people who live in our care homes and villages as special human beings and will always treat them as such.

We endeavour to encapsulate this inside our values in as many ways as possible.


Care is our first thought and it is what drives our daily achievements in every way.

Caring and supporting our people to be the people they want to be, while living the life they want to live.


We believe in being genuine and authentic giving a space to others they can trust.

We will always do what we say we will do.


As the saying goes "Knowledge is power", and we believe in cultivating and nurturing our knowledge base to offer the best service we can.

We empower our staff by ensuring they have great knowledge and skills.


We are always hungry for a new way.

In such an ever-changing world, we look to adapt and change to be innovative and achieve great outcomes that meet best practice and exceeds expectations.


We embrace all cultures, religions and communities.

We want people to feel encouraged, embraced and accepted!

We enjoy and celebrate each persons unique individuality and we want to help you remain the person you want to be, in the life you want to live.